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Bah, More Bah, and of course, some physical BAH! Woke up early this morning to move computers, then move furniture, than move computers again. Did that till lunch, which I must say was the pleasurable time of the day as always. I then commenenced to work on a server. A rather nice one. Followed by moving large piles of rubble.
The kind of rubble you get from sheet rock when taken down from walls. Saw friends as well today. That was also good. Always good to see people, yeah, always good *trying to sound psychopathic*. Then commenenced to watch some TV, eat, and say BAH!
In other notes: I feel it is dire that everyone realize something. Its a very key quote that I live my life by, and although it sounds confusing, it truely is the point. I AM BATMAN!!!!

Top 5 Things Wished to be found in JJ’s pants….
5. Um
4. Yeah….
3. Cant say that here…
2. hmmmmm
1. Money

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