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Going Away

I have gone away, this is my message for while I am gone:

I am at Richard’s Lake, yes we renamed it, it’s easier to remember. It’s old name was deer lake. I will be their until either A) they get rid of me or b) I am called to come home *by something*.
This means that posts will be lacking for the next few days. I want everyone to have a happy forth, and enjoy the times I am away.

Special Messages:
Rich: Im with ya, so you wont be reading this
PK: Have fun with your party!
Nik: Have fun with your family. Realize that what your doing is right, not wrong, which is why your succeeding so much in something you dont want. For all those noisy people out their wondering what this is about: when good people tell the truth, they always get good things they dont want. For example, I said “thank you, Im glad you like my webdesign” and in turn i got “will you design for me?”.
Dan: Keep my servers running
Julie: Have a good fourth whatever ya do
Beth: Same to you !

Jerimiah: I doubt you will read this
Mel: your with me
Sarah: I again dont know what your doing but have fun
Anders: Same goes for you
Maria: only a few more days till your party, have fun!
Amber: Isn’t Celeste coming back? Have fun with her
Celeste: Are you coming back?
All my SMRC people: enjoy the site
Alex: keep it up, ill be back to code for you soon
Smarterchild: YOU LEFT FIRST!