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Post 1000 – About Time

Well, I\’m making it official because no one told me not to. It seems the bugs have been worked out of the comment system. Links are in place like they used to be, and the search engine works for the first 999 posts. I’m going to have to figure out how to get the spider to add the page I just submitted so that it becomes searchable right away, but until then, feel free to use it to find out how many times I say the word dog.

So honestly, this is really just another test. I’m testing my new tool for submitting pages. Hopefully it works right so that I can start working on some blogs for friends. The idea will be they can all have their own oxwaf powered blog if they so desire. After testing that, maybe then we’ll find a way for people to sign up online and for some additional cash, get some extra services. Anything to make a buck or two right?

So since this is post 1000, perhaps it’s time to talk about where this site is going. To be quite honest, I’m not sure. It seems to have done a very good job documenting the last 3 years of my life. Not every moment was recorded, but most of the ones I remember have been. It shows how I managed to work my way to where I am. It shows the development of my love for Amber. But is it focused enough? Should I mention other cool things?

What if I talked more about computers? Would you enjoy that? Would you want to read about how through the use of html tidy, a module which is now installed on JR Corps servers, this page should generate fairly clean HTML in it’s posts? What about what we’ve added to Oxwaf? Maybe the new clients we met today? I don’t know.

I suppose I can start turning my site over to the public. The comments are the first step towards that. Polls will probably come at some point, and I’m sure I’ll bring photos back as well. I figure this site will continue to be my creative outlet, and if I ever become famous, people will look back to these posts and be like “hey, he’s normal”.

So I figure, I’ll stop talking about how this is the 1000th post, and instead, get to talking about the normal stuff.

This weekend will be packed. Amy’s Grad party on Saturday Morning. Saturday night is the ball. Sunday morning is church. Sunday afternoon is Amy’s Graduation, and Sunday night is SRA. Non stop is what it is. Sounds fun.

Ok. I’m done now, got more things to do.

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  • Nikki June 9, 2005, 4:37 am

    What would you want to become famous for? You're busy enough the way things are now. If you became famous we'd never hear from you..*shakes head* Bad idea.