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Really Late Night

I don\’t know why I\’m up so late tonight, but I thought because I am, I would write something. Lets start by giving yet another birthday shout out to Smash, Amber\’s Sister. She turned the big 16. Congrats. Hers was the start of all the busy-ness this weekend. Her party seemed to be going ok, so that\’s good.

Gramps and I went flying again today. Depending on how you look at it, he is either facing reality or being a little more morbid then usual. He went to hospital with an irregular heart beat late last week. They installed a difubulator which is in place both to keep his heart at a steady but, but also to give him a huge jolt should his heart try to arrest. I find it interesting that he no longer had a need to paramedics to come jump him. It makes me wonder how he can die, assuming the battery doesn\’t go dead. The reason I say he was acting morbid is he was making comments like, \"You know when I die you\’ll probably get all my planes so you\’ll have to be ready to start them and fly them\" and \"If this thing kicks me in the chest, your going to have to land the plane.\" Not exactly things I want to be thinking about. In either case I took photos of us flying, you never know when anyones time is afterall.

I\’ve been starting to take photos with my camera phone all the time. They aren\’t high quality. They are something I would ever get developed. In fact, the only thing they will really be any good for is this site. My goal is to start to attach photos to these posts at a fairly steady rate. I don\’t have the code written/adapted yet to do that in oxwaf so I haven\’t started yet. I have been archiving my phone\’s photos though for future usage.

Now that my phone is plugged into my desktop (I had it on my laptop which wasn\’t all that useful for this), I\’ve also fixed my phonebook to be more accurate. I\’ve also put people into groups so that I have a distinct ringtone depending on if it\’s MSA, Friends, Family, or people I don\’t want to talk to. Some people (Like Beth) were removed from my phone book until I get updated contact info. I will have to do that soon. Maybe I\’ll post my phone book shortly (for members only if I do).

I\’m wondering what it will take to get more comments on these posts. Maybe a scoreboard to the right? Maybe nothing at all. Maybe I should reward people. Nah, I would never do it, and for what it\’s worth, I reward most of my friends in my own unique way (wink wink).

I\’ve been thinking about getting back into Ultima Online, if only to sell some stuff on ebay. I guess Elves are getting added into the game as a playable character. This will be the first playable character type other than human to enter the game. There were ways of becoming other character types, but never actually being one (Things like orcs or primys). I\’m sure non of that matters to any of you, but I thought I would mention it.

Amber and I worked on a puzzel tonight and finished it for my sister. It\’s strange how to some degree tonight was about my past. Puzzels were something I did with my Great Grandma Kate before she passed away. I\’ve never really done any since. Amy had me reteach her Magic: The Gathering, again something I started playing in 5th Grade and again in 9th Grade. Heck, I even finished Amy\’s memory DVD, which is all about Amy\’s past (which happens to be closely related to my past). This site also documents the past. Strange how that is.

A storm is moving in, so I should get going to bed. It will probably be here just in time for rush hour. I want to shut down my computer though, and at the moment, I can\’t do that. Why you might ask? Well, JR Computer Associates decided that it should give back to the community that we like to take from. Namely, we like to give back code and art. There is a free site out there called Stockxchange where you can go to get royality free images for free. We\’ve decided that some of our photographs should go up there because from time to time we take some photos from there. So at the moment, I\’m uploading some of the nature artwork I\’ve taken, mainly of weather here in Minnesota. Of course, on 56k, uploading these images is a pain, so I\’m waiting. Assuming my connection transfer rate has anything to do with it, I should be done in another 15 minutes with this, hopefully sooner if compression is working.

I\’m trying to think of things I can do to make this interesting for other people. Alex, Sim, and from time to time John and I post links to things we find online. Of course, I rarely get a chance to post such links because well… That\’s just not who I am. I think today though I will post my most common resources that I use on the internet. Here\’s a few good links:




Here an interesting blog that I\’ve started to read, albeit, not very much:


Well, since I\’m sitting here still waiting. I should write a little more. For those of you who are wondering, JR Computer Associates is doing great. We\’ve have a surge of new clients thanks to the work Richard has done. That\’s great. Now once we get confirmation on a few of them, we\’ll be all set to go. If all goes according to plan, we should secure more money than Blaine, Jon, and I earned put together at CLA (U of M) last summer. And it\’s not even the end of June yet.

Loading… Loading… Loading….

You know, it\’s kind of funny. If you put that in a page, your users will get confused. I mean, think about it. They expect things to get loaded in, but they never do. Strange how that works.

I keep having good website ideas, but most of them require some additional work to be put in on top of them, so I haven\’t moved forward with any of them. I would love to do that sooner or later.

Oh, the stockxchange thingy just finished. Maybe I\’ll give you a direct link so you can see the crappy photos we are trying to give away to the world. Frick! my session timed out so non of them uploaded. I\’ll have to put them on my laptop with the idea I\’ll upload them from MSA tomorrow. Ok, well world, I\’m off to bed because the storm is moving in. If your not already asleep, or if your up this early… Get back to bed.

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