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Preparing to party

So far, I\’m not up as late as last night. To bad. I\’ve been doing just about everything today though. Everything from cleaning every inch of our house, to burning another set of DVD\’s for my Dad, to shooting pool with my cousin. It\’s been busy.

I even took 30 minutes to relearn blender. For those of you who don\’t know, blender is a cool (free) program for doing 3-D art (like Pixar). Back when I first starting using Blender, it didn\’t have enough power. I could make very basic animations, but I couldn\’t make anything that looked cool. I didn\’t know how to make edges smooth, which lead to all my work looking like early N64 graphics. I didn\’t understand textures. The lighting system was limited. All in all, it was what it was, a free 3d engine.

So going back to it today, I was in for quite a shock. It still has the someone steep learning curve with the interface, but the power has grown greatly. There is now a ray tracing engine for light, a particle engine for particles, much more advanced textures. The ability to make things smooth. Quicker rendering. All in all, the program has improved greatly. I even made my first what looks like a human model, kind of cool. I would post a picture, but it\’s not quite that cool. If you want to try Blender out yourself, I recommend a good computer, and that you go to this link:


Amber wants me to put dates back on my posts. I suppose I could, but what fun does that actually bring. Do people care that I wrote this post late at night? Do people need to know that it\’s new? I assume that if they haven\’t seen it already, they will have figured it out. It may help with the relative nature of it all, but the only time that\’s needed is really in the archive, so I figure what\’s the point. I may or may not add them in shortly.

I\’m still debating also whether or not User Comments are going to be worth while. So far, the only people who have posted anything did so because it was my first post with comments.

In other news… I solved a minor problem with my computers boot up sequence today. It involved a BIOS patch and a change in how my hard drives were configured. Combined with what I did last week, I feel that I have a more stable machine than ever. This is probably not entirely true, but I do like to think that. Of course, this comes just in time because the Klutz (Amy) decided to drop my laptop from 5 feet today. It appears that she tapped it enough that nothing was damaged. I ran a complete scan disk on it just to be sure, so hope it stays that way. It did lead to a reboot though, so something did jump.

Well, Amy\’s party is fairly early in the morning, so I\’m going to go to bed. Perhaps I will try to beat Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga tonight. Good game by the way.

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  • Nikki June 10, 2005, 8:00 pm

    Psh. I guess I don't count. I posted on your Post 1000 update. Maybe if you ask people questions like John does then you'll get more response. What exactly is it that you're looking for Justin? Love? We already love you, we just don't feel the desire to show it through commenting. Although you worked pretty hard on it, so I guess we should. There. Comment love.

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