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Morning Anger

I don\’t know how to measure today.

At this exact moment, I\’m angry. I can feel it inside. I\’m frustrated. I\’m upset. I\’m boiling. And at what? No, better question: Why. Simple answer: A remote control. Just made me angry. Agitated over something so simple…

For those of you who have seen me angry, it\’s scary. For those of you who haven\’t, I\’ll just put out a warning that although it\’s scary, the bark is oftern worse than the bite. I just hate it when it happens because I can\’t let go of it. As quickly as it can happen, it takes me like an hour to work it off.

Speaking of sick angry things…. Don\’t see Spank the Monkey, it\’s not worth it and it\’s sick, all rolled into one. Although, there are boobies, but it\’s just not worth it.

In other news. Amy\’s grad party was today. Lots of food, lots of people. It was good seeing all of them. Some from Nebraska, some from North Dakota, some from just up the road. It\’s amazing how often I see the people across the street, it\’s like never. Some people did a great job helping out (like Amber, Sabbanns and Grasses). Of course my family was all there. It was just a good time. Amy even cut my name into the cake, isn\’t that sweet. It wasn\’t really my grad party though, so I did the mingle thing, the talk about the company thing, but non (ok, so very little) of the gift thing. All in all it was a good time. Oh, by the way: John and Nikki I have your invites sitting on the table to my right.

The Emperor\’s Ball was a good time as well. I talked to my former \"employer\" Denise for 15 minutes. I talked to Corrie and Kathryn for about 5 minutes (they are my new \"employer\’s\"). I talked to the Mayor of St. Paul\’s spin doctor (Carl and his girlfriend ate dinner with us). That was rather fun. It\’s always interesting when you sit down and talk with someone that knows a lot of the same people you do, but for different reasons. For example: Carl works with Holli, Holli is in charge of St. Paul\’s Marketing for certain events. I know Holli as my point of contact for the New Generation Project. I learned tonight why I\’ve had a hard time getting in contact with her, but that\’s all good. We also both had work with Steve, and the new guy Terry Tofte. Just kind of interseting.

I had the most beautiful date. I went on a 10 minute carriage ride (yes richard, they were about 3 times as long as they were the year before). I ate a pretzle and desert with my lovely date. We did our yearly kiss by the fountain. We got the photo in the chair. 26 photos in all. Again, if I had a gallery, which I will at some point, I will then probably start to share them.

Well, it\’s getting late. I will probably go to church tomorrow depending on how I feel then. I didn\’t sleep to well last night, hopefully I sleep better tonight. SRA and Graduation also on the docket for tomorrow. I hate being angry.

Don\’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like mine?

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  • Nikki June 12, 2005, 3:08 pm

    Sounds like a good weekend.

    Gee, I wonder why a movie called "Spanking the Monkey" sucked.

    I think I found a "cure" for anger. It's called a punching bag.

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