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The end of graduations

For now, it would appear that graduation festivities have ceased at my house. They will resume at Benson\’s in a few weeks, but that\’s a ways away at the moment. Amy graduated from WHS today, got her sheet of paper, her name read, and I guess achieved \"highest honors\".

Honors sort of makes me laugh at highschool. When over half your class gets them, does it really make sense to say that you were amoung the best? I suppose if you judge best at a 50% rate. I suppose that\’s why they have honors, high honors, and highest honors. I just think it\’s weird. I\’ve never been a fan of celebrating mediocrity.

For what it\’s worth, Woodbury graduations have gotten far to long. Schools shouldn\’t be allowed to grow that large.

The rest of the day revolved around racing and church. I will skip the church comments because at the moment they aren\’t needed, so I\’ll talk Nascar for a brief minute.

I didn\’t catch much of the race, but John, Amber, and I managed to win the weekly fantasy stuff. That puts John in the lead by a half point, richard in close second, and me and my dad tied for third. Amber in 4th, and Nikki in last. I\’m curious to see how much will change in the second half of the season, we are only on race 14 at the moment, with I believe 32 or 36 total, so we still have a ways to go.

Rich and I also had SRA tonight. Lowe\’s Motor Speedway aka Charolette. Tough race. I managed to make it to B-main which should help my points chase a little, but probably not enough to make a big difference. It would be nice to make it to A and then not finish last there. It would also be nice to qualify there. Richmond is in 2 weeks, I doubt I will do any better there.

Well, I want to sleep, there are no gardetto\’s here anymore, so sleep is the only option. Sleep well world.

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