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4.1 And Feeling Good

Today was my first full day of work work since last week. I like working, it makes me feel good. Graduations and racing is fun, but good solid work on a computer doing things that are stressful is something I find enjoying. Plus, I just love working on a T1 by myself.

I headed into MSA not sure what I was going to work on. Something always presents itself. Sure enough in my inbox I had a few things to do, so I took care of them right away. Blaine had mentioned something about the stats being slow earlier and I thought that would be a good thing to work on, so I did.

My original idea as to how I was going to speed it up required sub queries. Sub queries are something only Mysql 4.1 or better supports. We had been talking about upgrading for some time, but for fear of everything going down, I never did it. Well, today I thought I would try.

I started off by mirroring the setup we had on one of our backup servers. This allowed me to see any snags that I might run into, as well as make sure that our data would not go corrupt on us. The move over there took me about 2 hours to get everything to where it needed to be, but when I was done, I knew what I was doing.

So I prepped mysql on live server, got it to where it should just be a matter of doing everything in the right order, and went at it. Sure enough, within 3 or 4 minutes, I had the mysql server back up and running, now version 4.1. However, I had failed to test all of our code on the new version. Sure enough, there were some new syntax rules that managed to break 2 dozen or so queries, nothing to big, but enough to take down all of the oxwaf sites for a few. I\’m still not 100% sure that Blaine and I found all the bugs. No big deal I guess.

I then moved on to writing a cron that should help with the stats. I\’m thinking I might find a way to put this together in a downloadable form because it would be useful outside of oxwaf and our nifty little control panel. Of course, this is assuming you have the proper modules.

After work it was pretty much fun. Nikki came down from St. Cloud where Amber and me joined her to go to Dinner. I had a dentist appointment, so I was a little late, but we had a good time. We gave Kyle a hard time, talked about various things, and just plain had fun.

Afterwards, we came back to my place where I finished up some work I had to do. They started working on a puzzel and watching Twister. They also taught my sister some bad words. Eh, what can ya do?

Well, I\’m hoping to have another solid day of work tomorrow, which means I should work my way to bed. Sleep well world.

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