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A Little Controversy, A little cool

If you haven\’t been reading the start of the comments on my last post, I suggest you do so. There really is no joke which might just be the funny part of it all.

Julie and Jerimiah did in fact get married last reason. I say this for two reasons, one: to wish them congradulations, and two: to make a note of it in my blog so that if I look back, I know when they got married (June 12th). I feel bad I couldn\’t make the wedding, but at the moment, I\’m broke, as well as to young to gamble there. Patrick said it was great though. Now if only he would get me their new cell phone numbers.

In other news, and this is just cool by the way. You\’ll notice to the right that there is now a section called bookmarks. Now, to my readers, you may not enjoy this, but hey, it\’s at least useful for me. The links in the bookmarks section are now what\’s cool. Heck, that would make it nothing more than a link page. What\’s cool about it is how that page is getting generated.

Let me talk about it briefly. I have a tool which allows me to upload and download my bookmarks between browsers. This allows me to keep my bookmarks on all the computers I work on. Right now, I have it doing this in firefox to my blog\’s server (jr\’s server). It turns out that the file format it\’s in is a fairly common format to work with known as XML.

Oxwaf (the core that powers this blog) runs XML every second. So it hit me that there\’s no reason I can\’t parse the two. So that\’s what happens now. Everytime I close my browser, my bookmarks upload to the server automatically (icon and all) which then causes them to be visible here on this page. It\’s very simple, very cool, and it allows me to have my bookmarks where-ever I go.

I hope to make this service available to everyone, starting with my blog readers. Blog readers will of course get to beta it free of charge if I can get it all worked out, and then from there, I hope to find some way of marketting it for something like 10 dollars a year. We\’ll see how the beta goes.

For now, back to doing more cool things.

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  • simland June 16, 2005, 12:57 pm

    Mwhaha my first comment. Congrats Julie and Jerimiah, thanks for the invite :-P. I was all set for a road trip too. Bookmark thingy, still misunderstood by me, but neato none the less.

  • jjdb210 June 16, 2005, 4:32 pm

    Ok, beta testing is now open for rinsemarks. If you don't have an account, now is a good time to get one because beta will only be open to a limited number of rinsefirst users. It's pretty cool, and if your lucky, I'll link your page. Woot Woot.

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