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Back and Better Than Ever

Ok so I am back from my 5 day trip to Sim’s cabin and here is what I have to say about the days I was gone:

Day 1: Wednesday
First day their and I didn’t even try to get out on the water. So depressing, but I enjoyed swimming and spotting Sim. That kid has more talent than 12 of me combined. We also enjoyed spending time watching TechTV and setting off massive amounts of fireworks that almost got us all killed. Boy that was fun!

Day 2: Thursday
The battle with the water had begun. I hopped in that nice warm water, strapped on that wake board, and yelled “HIT IT”. Then the rope came out of my hands, water hit me in the face, and I was no longer moving very fast. So I tried again, and again, and again about 15 times. Needless to say, I didn’t get up on that wake board. I started to miss a certain person in my life, but that was put aside to experience more thrills of fireworks and calms of water.
All in all a very good day… Oh wait, I can’t open a pop can. My hand muscles got so tense… Stupid rope…

Day 3: Friday
Still in much pain, but its better now. We try again to get me up on that wakeboard. No success. Muscles again tighten up, but not near as bad. The water is so calming that life almost seems to be right here, right in front of me. Always something missing though. Sim and I thought about calling some ladies and bringing them up to the cabin on saturday but we decided that we neither had the resources or the time to pull it off. Also watched parts of Black Hawk Down, a not so good movie, and all of Don’t Say a Word. Don’t say a word was pretty good, and I would recommend seeing it if it was on the shelf of your local rent-a-movie. All and all another very good day.

Day 4: Saturday
I didn’t even try today. I enjoyed riding the boat, doing my spotting thing, and thinking about life, the universe, and everything. We got a little rain which stopped us temporarly, but in the end, it gave us glass water allowing Sim to pull off some of the best moves of the weekend. We then picked up some DQ at 10:00pm and watched another very good movie, Ocean’s 11.

Day 5: Sunday
Packed and back home am I. Sim made 20 dollars by getting up on one ski, I drove 60 miles to get us home. The trip was great, the people even better, the memories unforgetable. I will have to head up their again. Now if I could only get through this pile of email sitting in front of me, I might just be ok…

Here is an image of me after being gone 5 days, not shaving, and getting some sun:

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