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Payments Forth Coming

I have lots to post about, mostly cool stuff, some interesting stuff, etc. Ok so here\’s what I got from the massive number of comments that was posted on the last post. I think people are willing to pay to keep Justin\’s service going. I don\’t know why, when they can get free stuff other places, but non the less… Maybe it has something to do with the services Justins offers, and his ability to make everyone happy (ok, so probably not).

Needless to say, here\’s what I decided to do. July 1st, if your name is on the list to the right you will more than likely get an automated email that says something about pay your site will be shut down. This is of course optional. It\’s an optional 5 dollars for your blog. It won\’t let you pay more than 5. It won\’t let you pay less than 5. The fact of the matter is, if you want to pay for your services, it will simply let you pay 5. For what it\’s worth, it will also tell you your bandwidth usage, and allow you to create email addresses for your account.

Again, I would like to reiterate: Services will not be discontinued if you choose not to pay. This is more a trial thing to see how it goes. If you have a problem with this system: please leave a comment. If you think it\’s a good idea, again, please leave a comment. If you have something else to talk about, please leave a comment.

In other news, I have fallen in love with a Microsoft Product called Virtual PC. It used to be owned by Connectix, but I never tried it then. Virtual PC 2004 is an PC emulator for PC\’s. That means, that from inside windows, you can run more linux, freebsd, or even more windows. They act just like an additional computer being right next to you, except it eats the machines processor power on the machine your on.

So far, this has turned out to be brilliant. I\’ve installed debian on my windows box, which I have then in turn installed oxwaf onto it. Not only does this allow me to do real world development away from a net connection, but it lets me demo our product away from a net connection. Both are very very cool prospects. And for those of you who think it might be slow or have some hardware issues: It doesn\’t. The thing is dang near seemless.

If you want to see a screenshot, IM me and I\’ll send it to you.

In other news, BananaMonkey has moved into Oxwaf with a brand new design. It\’s pretty sharp, although personally I think the fonts need some work. There\’s also an RSS feed and comments now, so be sure to check it out (afterall, it would be wrong of me not to plug my girlfriend). Lastly, I added a few more links to some additional people I host. Be sure to check them out and then harrass them if you don\’t like their sites.

Simple enough eh?

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