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Land of the Living Dead

Life has been pretty good to me lately. Amber and I are doing great after going to a Twin\’s game last night (which they won). It was good for us to get out and do something by ourselves, away from home. Work has been going good. Invoices are set to go out Friday. Our clients are pretty well caught up with, and life in general is just going good.

I thought I would share this story because it\’s just a cool thing to do: www.news.com.au

It would be interesting if we could live virtually forever on this technique. Think about it… You have some very bad illness like aids, so what do they do, they put you in a chamber that can hold you until they have a cure. It\’s perfect. It\’s a little scary that you might be able to bring someone basically forward through time a couple hundred years, but still, very cool.

In other news, well, it seems like 5 of you have found a way to use Rinsemarks, which is good. I\’m glad your getting use out of them. I\’ve been hearing that many of you don\’t like the little popup, so I\’ve been considering removing it from showing, and/or putting it in the status bar. We shall see.

Nebraska for me is only a few days away… Gotta love laying pipe (not).

I feel like I have some other things to share, but I know not what they are. Amy is getting a laptop today which should be good for my computer usage at home. It will probably be bad for my bandwidth though. Well, at this point I feel I\’m updating for the sake of updating, so I leave you be.

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