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Some Fixes and Some New Stuff

I\’ve been doing various things to this site as well as Oxwaf and some other applications that I\’ve started writing. All in all, I\’ve been jumping topics way to much. The worst part about it is that when my mind get\’s like this, I tend to dive into games, such as poker. Luckily, I\’ve been able to win so maybe me and Amber will be able to go on a date next week. If your curious about playing poker online, I suggest Party Poker. In fact, if you are one of those people that want to try it out, and you want a starting bonus of 25 dollars, try out these instructions:

1) Goto www.partypoker.com and click \"Play Now\"

2) In the bonus code enter: TAF15 with email address spam@jrcorps.com.

3) After desposit you will get 25 dollars.

Simple enough? Ok, let\’s talk about life before we talk about the changes to this site.

I\’ve been in Nebraska since friday. I got internet access on Sunday. Friday and Saturday were spent laying pipe which is always an interesting task of manual labor. I do kind of enjoy it, which is sick. Fireworks down here were on Sunday. Not as good as last years show, but still good show.

I\’ve been missing Amber. Some of you know we had some problems last week. We were getting much better before I left for Nebraska, so much so that it was like falling in love with her all over again. Trips like this where we are seperated are hard. But we will surrive and it will be great to see her again tomorrow.

Ok, let\’s talk about technology improvements here at Rinsefirst. Let\’s start off with letting Joe know that those links should be fixed now. Dumb things they are. Not really a bug with RinseMarks, more so with the site itself.

The second technology improvement isn\’t of my own creation, but I did add stuff to Oxwaf to support it, so I feel it\’s worth showing. If you\’ve used Google\’s cache feature when searching, you will be familiar with it. To demonstrate, click the following link from google\’s search engine. In theory, this should work with almost any search engine, but we use Google, because we don\’t want to piss the future rulers of the world off:


Then click the link back to this site and watch what happens to this post. Words like Rinse and First will be highlighted as well as the word Amber. Anything you search for should highlight. I have yet to make it compatible with our built in search engine, but still, this will help random people looking for things on my site.

I hope you all had a good 4th. Anyone do anything cool?

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  • ianlafo July 6, 2005, 7:04 pm

    Dan, Steve, and myself saw the fireworks over Lake Superior from a canoe right under them. That was neat.

  • Amber July 6, 2005, 7:22 pm

    I watched fireworks on Lake Superior once! That was like the best 4th ever. Especially since we also went to Canada. Justin, if you can ever skip NE for the fourth, we should do that together.

  • jjdb210 July 7, 2005, 2:09 pm

    I think the coolest fireworks show I saw was last years where it was so blinding that you had to look away. I come to find out that last year's show was in fact a rather big accident that caused a rather big fire, in which a good number of people got hurt. My guess is a firework went off to low and set off to many fireworks early. Insanely dangerous but cool.

    Looking back at the last post, it's amazing how many parrallels I can draw to last year, more on that later.

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