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What else is there to do?

It\’s been an interesting day. I found myself in the in front of the computer most of today. Not entirely sure why. My focus kept wandering. One minute I would be working on Blarneys (which if you want a preview of goto oxwaf.blarneypubandgrill.com The next moment I would be working on the WLC Youth Event System (no preview yet, sorry). Then I\’d be fixing something in oxwaf. Just couldn\’t stay focused.

On the upside, I strangely got a good amount of work done. Even hopping between things, I did manage to do work on all of those things. Blarneys is coming along nice although a few pages are missing. This is mainly due to a lack of text and photos from the owner. Eh, I don\’t know.

I kind of want to work on this site a little more to. Both John and Alex have some new features coming to their site that would be fairly simple to implement on mine. I find one of them particular interesting. However, I do have more important things to do.

Oh Ian: yesterdays post was at 4:15 in the morning.

I like being innovative. Thats what brought you RinseMarks and Alex\’s TreeMapper. Thats why we have a server. That\’s why I\’m part of a startup. That\’s why I encourage people to do innovative things online. Sometimes though, I wonder if there are people out there that just aren\’t ment to innovate. People that should stay away from new ideas and work simply on managing the ideas of other people. At some point in time, everyone has to do this, and most of the time it\’s younger people because they can\’t always think for themselves.

I think I was thinking for myself long before I should have been. Sorry mom and dad for giving you such a hard time with me always being right :-).

Where in the world am I going with this post? Oh yeah… Nintendo.

I love Nintendo. I love the company. I love the games. I love the fact that I can sometimes just go sit down next to it and say, hey old friend, we\’ve had lots of good times together, I think we should have some more. I\’ll pull out SMB3 or The New Tetris and play for a little bit. Sometimes I\’ll pull out the cube and play Metroid or the Super Nintendo and play Final Fantasy 3 or Chrono Trigger. Heck, I even pull out my Virtual Boy from time to time and go at 15 minutes of Wario World (great great game, to bad it couldn\’t save the system). In either case, I look forward to seeing the Revolution. Reports from Nintendo say it\’s fully backward compatible with the last 20 years of Nintendo. That\’s just awesome. What people fail to mention though is….

How in the world are they pulling off that controller?

Ok, so let\’s not think about it to hard. I\’m personally betting that it will be insanely cool. Of course you can play Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Gameboy on just about any controller, but I\’m not entirely sure how you mix and match the N64 controller with a Gamecube one. There is a huge advantage with that Z button.

Ok, well that\’s all I really wanted to say about Nintendo. I\’m excited for it.

Well, I best be getting back to life, liberty, and the pursuit of updates. I\’m considering trying to create a site for Oxwaf. I\’ll have to talk to Blaine and Jon about it, but it might be time we put the CVS online and get some other people downloading it and cleaning up our code. Of course, this could also result in a lot of bad things… Not to mention we would have a requirements list that goes through the roof. Ok, so maybe it wasn\’t a brilliant idea.

Richard, what city are you doing on Monday?

I\’m out.

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  • ajmicek July 13, 2005, 11:18 am

    RinseMarks and Alex's TreeMapper both _rock_. I propose further innovation by compiling PHP with –enable-exif. That, however, is just me. 🙂

    <a href="http://www.php.net” target=”_blank”>www.php.net
    Oh, and I think my redesign can go live _fairly_ soon. Woo! I noticed how well yours does at narrow widths (I shrunk the browser to read a long article) and I say there is good innovation here. Ok, that is all for now.

  • ajmicek July 14, 2005, 5:26 am

    Justin, hi – I just paid my balance out! Love the system, especially the card security upon transaction completion. Only one thing of note, I would put the month number in parantheses next to the name of the month when you are filling out the form for the credit card – normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but it's a nice way to double check things when doing something as important as an online transaction.

  • ajmicek July 19, 2005, 11:30 am

    leaving a comment to keep the site updated!