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Time to rest

I\’m sorry honey for not spending as much time with you the last few days. It\’s been crazy with 2 weeks of vacation, and I should be doing more to make room for you even though my list is a mile long. Just know that I love you, and that I\’m praying for you before I go to sleep.

The last 3 hours have been hell. I went to compile something into PHP for my own usage, and found that mysql wouldn\’t compile into php correctly. I then tried to restart apache, and it failed. I hadn\’t even modified a file related to php, but apache failed. Why? Because something happened to the mysql libraries on our machine. I dont know what, but whatever it was, it wasn\’t cool.

I fixed the libraries, recompiled PHP, and re-enabled everything for everyone. Whats this mean? It means that Alex\’s exif module has been loaded in (cheers are heard around the world) and that my zip module is loaded in. Both of this will offer much functionality for our usage in the near future.

I hope to have some other cool stuff to show you all tomorrow, as well as some words on yet another new client. They keep coming. Now if only I can get a current client to pay. Oh well. We\’ll figure something out.

For now. I sleep.