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Site Gone Gold

The music industry has a way of measure record sales that is kind of cool. You hear them say from time to time that an album has gone gold or platinum. Until just now I never know what it took to do that, so I\’d thought i\’d share:

The description Gold Album is applied to recorded music albums that have sold a minimum number of copies (in the US, currently 500,000 sales). A larger number of sales qualifies for the award of a Platinum Album (in the US, currently 1,000,000 sold) or Diamond Album (in the US, currently 10,000,000 sold) Similar awards are also less commonly quoted for individual recordings (singles), videos and increasingly for DVDs.

I\’ve decided that as of today I\’m going to have the same sort of system for daily hits on a site.

Silver: 100 hits per day

Gold: 1000 hits per day

Platinum: 5000 hits per day

Diamond: 10,000 hits per day.

Thanks to a newspaper article in the Star Tribue, one of the sites JR does went Gold today. They had been averaging about 700 people a day before that, but for the last 2 days they have been well above 1000 hits. In fact, I\’m expecting them to break over a gig of traffic today. That\’s pretty cool for us because I think it\’s the first site we have done that has broken 1000 hits per day (Art attack might have, but I wasn\’t involved with that).

Life continues to keep me busy, which makes me why I\’m still finding time to play a game of poker. We\’ve gotten a few more clients in the last few weeks which hopefully will turn into something. I\’ve also been doing a good amount of work for WLC lately. I\’ve been having fun with it so it\’s all good.

I\’m trying to figure out why it seems so many people are getting upset lately. Maybe they are all ready to go back to school. Maybe it\’s just common at this age. Maybe it\’s a cascade affect of some sort. I suppose there isn\’t much I can really do about it other than be there for the people that need me to be there for them. One thing has always been true though: money can\’t buy happiness.

Speaking of money. I played a free roll last night on Party Poker. It was one of those where if you placed in the top 50, you made money. Well about an hour after playing, I was winning pretty well. I had a stack that was twice the average and I had built up a pretty good table image. About then, the servers crashed. Amber and my family wanted to go to dinner, so we did. When we got back, the game still hadn\’t resumed, meaning I hadn\’t lost my chips.

11 PM rolled around and messages started coming across that they would have to take the server down. By this point, I was pretty sure the game would never get going again, and we would probably have so many people idle, that it woudln\’t be fun to play (playing against people who aren\’t there is a very long slow process).

Well, I get an email saying that they have closed teh tournament. Because I was still active, I got a share of the prize pool based on my chip count. Realizing that there were still 1200 people, and it was a 5000 prize pool, you\’d think we\’d all get like 4 dollars. Turns out though I was up quite a bit on chips (relatively) so I got 7 dollars instead. That just rocks. I probably wouldn\’t have finished in the top 50, and I still make money on a freerole. That\’s just cool. We\’ll have to see if I can do something with it, maybe I\’ll hold it for now.

Crap, I just realized I need to pay a bill. Time for me to go. Thank you. bye.

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  • joburianek July 21, 2005, 5:53 pm

    Holy crap that's a lot of traffic! Over 2 GB of just html files and images. Wow. Kinda like a mini slashdoting except instead of geeks from around the world, you get average people from the Twin Cities. I think you may need a bandwidth increase. 🙂

  • ajmicek July 21, 2005, 6:21 pm

    *high five*

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