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Actually Plat

So based on the scale I came up with, Thrifty actually made it to plat. Yes, that\’s right, they managed to score over 5000 hits in one day. Let\’s just talk about what that means in shear numbers today.

Our server handled at least (these numbers are only thrifty\’s not everyones combined):

5079 Visitors

65584 Page requests

302793 File Requests (includes images)

2.67 GB of data transfer.

It also caused us to maintain an average today of: 450 kbits/second. That\’s like 10 dial up modems of data transfer on average at all times today. That\’s crazy in terms of what we normally get. We\’re lucky to have 1 dial up modem in an average day.

It\’s amazing what making the front page of the variety section can do for you. Perhaps it\’s time JR did some press.

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