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4th Place

Today was a good day. I enjoyed it for many reasons. Not everything went perfectly, but I had fun doing whatever it was I was doing all day long. That is what is important.

This morning we showed a presentation that Amber and I put together at church. I\’m glad people found it representative of the trip. Me and Amber really wanted to try to make it as God pleasing as possible, keeping the focus on what they were doing down in Mexico, and not on how much fun that they had doing it (ok so it was a mix, but really, hard work is fun).

We spent the afternoon watching Nascar on TV with Jack and Sierra as well as Sam and Ashley at the Radabaughs. That was fun. I beat Jon, I think my dad beat Amber, and I\’m pretty sure Richard beat Nikki. I\’m wondering what will happen as we get closer to the end of the season. Will me and Jeff be able to come back and beat John and Richard? We shall see..

SRA was also tonight. Richard ditched me, which was ok. I had a great time non the less. Ken gave me a ride around Indy so that I know what I\’m getting into 2 weeks from now. I also managed to make the A main (which is the final race of the night) without going into the last chance race. I also managed to place 4th in that race. I really owe Ken alot. Oh Richard, remind me, I have the setup for the indy car so you\’ll want to get it from me if you plan on racing.

After racing, I went and played cards at the Radabaughs. We played Phase 10. All in all a good time. I didn\’t win, but I did get to see some child abuse ;-). (just kidding).

I then finished the night by talking to friends online, doing a little work, and playing a little poker. I think I will go say goodnight to my love and then maybe read a little. I don\’t read enough. I\’m starting up again.