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I could go on and on about all the work in the last week. It\’s been crazy with all the pre-school activity, that seems to be when most the people need help with their computers, whether it\’s MSA and their 90+ machines, or the at home family getting their computer in working order before the start of the school year. It\’s been crazy, to say the least.

Derek was (and as far as I\’m aware still is) in New Orleans. Not the best place to be right now. With the hurricane tearing up just about everything in the south, you wonder why we live there. Of course, this could be why it\’s cheaper to live down there (to some degree, depending on where you are of course). It could also be why I don\’t live down there.

In either case, I do recommend that if you have the means to help out there, you probably should. Reports are showing that what they need isn\’t clothes, food, help rebuilding, or anything of the sort. In fact, what they need at the moment is money more than anything. I have a feeling that there won\’t be many deaths (Andrew was basically as big and only had 9). Gotta love the US alert system and the amount of warning a hurricane gives you. In either case, check google if you want to know more about how you can help.

Oh, one last note. If you want a monitor, stop by MSA in the next few days, we have 17\" CRTs (not flat) that we need to get rid of. If you want one, come get one (or two) quickly. Otherwise, they will probably be sent to the dumpster.

Well, I best get back to the craziness around here. Later all.