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Moving On, Moving Out

As many of you know, I still live at home. For those of you who think I\’m nutsm realize that most of my money is either tied up in the business I\’m trying to get off the ground, or is set aside in case either a) I go back to school, or b) need a down payment on a house. Non the less though, I am still moving out. Of course, so is my entire family.

Many of you know we are being forced by the city of Woodbury to move. We have started, and are quite far on our new home (windows are in, electrical is just about down. We probably won\’t be moving in til late March, but we are starting to pack up our home here non the less.

I began that process yesterday, while cleaning my room.

My closet is about 85% empty now, which is actually saying alot. Most of it is either in boxes or at the end of the driveway for trash. The weird part is what you find when your cleaning out stuff that you know you saved from way back when. For example:

To my left is 2 issues of \"The Tangent\", Msa\’s school newspaper. They are dated Late 2000 and contain articles written by Richard, me, and Julie. It\’s fun to look back and see what kind of spelling mistakes we managed to make… Man, I don\’t remember it being this bad. (Of course you\’d never know it from reading this.)

I also found a good number of photos, some of which date back as far as kindergarden. I found audio cassettes of me playing nintendo. (Yes, audio… you can hear my 4 year old voice saying things like \"bummer, the ninja got me\" while in the background you hear the TMNT video game music playing). It\’s very cute stuff that although I would love to throw away, I would also love to archive it first. Of course there\’s always the staples in my closet as well, such as all the instructions of the lego sets I own, and art projects from 7th grade.

The question is: what do you keep and what do you throw away. I think human nature wants us to keep things. We don\’t like to throw away anything that may ever have a use to us or anyone else. Who cares if you don\’t have a computer with a 5 1/2\" bay… someone might, and someone might want to play classic Mega Man on it. It\’s times like these where I begin to wonder if I made a mistake with my bedroom. Maybe it should be: less room, more storage. But in fact, I\’ve ended up throwing away quite a few things that may or may not have been useful to someone, but most likely wound never be touched by me again…

For example: My 8th grade science notes. Useless other than for memorys.

We took a visit to my new room to make sure that the electrical is how I wanted it (I\’m picky about how many outlets, and where they are in my room. I think for the first time, I realized just how large my room was this time around. I\’m a guy that likes big rooms, but this was bigger than I would have thought. When I first walked in it, it seemed small (that was before all the walls were in. Now it seems quite big. I\’m hoping to put shelves around the top 1\’ of the ceiling so I can put all my legos up there (regardless of whether I live there or not) hopefully with some sort of city structure. That would be cool. I also hope to get a new bed (it\’s time to move to something that my body can fit in.)

I think I am going to try to archive some of the stuff I found so that I have it digitally instead of on paper. It will also give you guys something to look at if I choose to put it online. Someday, I hope they have like personal video recorders you can attach to your head from birth and just document your entire life… It would be great for court cases,

Well, either case. Stay hip everyone. I\’m going to see if I can\’t finish testing these server backups tonight.

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  • Nikki October 4, 2005, 4:48 am

    Hmm…I don't know if I'd call audio tapes of nintendo games cute… but it might have been the start of a life-long obsession!

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