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Whats a good balance

I\’m 20 years old.

By my math this means I have 2 years to figure out what it is I\’m supposed to be doing. Hopefully, I can figure it all out faster than that, but 2 years puts me back at everyone elses level. Strangely enough, I don\’t remember intentionally trying to get ahead of everyone elses level. In fact, to some degree, I\’m not sure why I did. In a lot of ways, it\’s more fun to come from behind. That is however, a different topic.

Everyone struggles with what they are going to do with their life. I\’m not a big fan of doing that. I know I should do what I\’m good at, and what I\’m good at is computers. I know I should do what I like, which also happens to be… computers. I know I should do what I\’m trained to do, and low and behold, that also is computers. If someone says to you, Who is Justin? You\’ll most likely respond with 1 of 3 answers depending on how you know me.

1) He\’s my tech savvy friend who does websites and stuff.

2) He\’s a legend at my highschool for what he can do with computers and I think he helps out with a bunch of little (Mr. T\’s edit)s learn more about computers as well.

3) He\’s the video guy from my church. He makes some pretty funny videos with the help of that wavecrest guy.

If your a family member, your probably laughing because yours probably is more along the lines of:

He\’s the cute little 4 year old that we thought had potential.

Ok, so life is on track for me. I\’m doing things with computers. I\’m learning things. I\’m growing a company. So where is this blog post heading? Well the issue I seem to be struggling with is balance. I\’ve always had the idea I could do it all if I just worked hard enough. I know this isn\’t entirely true, but it doesn\’t mean I can\’t try. What I\’m finding though is as I focus on some of the things I\’d rather be doing, the things I need to be doing suffer, and vice versa. So let\’s take a look at my current balance:

Mondays: JR All the way baby 10-5 +/- 5 hours, now possibly some robotics in the afternoon.

Tuesdays: JR All the way again

Wednesdays: Things start to get interesting, JR in the morning and then church from 2 to 10. *Yes, I\’m there 8 hours doing mostly video stuff, which I love*

Thursday: JR

Friday: This day also gets eaten alive from 2 to 7 I volunteer at MSA to help with computer club and robotics.

If you assume I have a 40 hour week (which really I like to push as close as I can to 60) almost 20 hours of that is dedicated to things I\’m voluteering with. Again, nothing wrong with that. Except, when you do a good job of it, people want more.

For now, it\’s ok as is. I don\’t like the stress it creates on some of my relationships, and I don\’t like that all my free time seems to be during TV shows. (I\’d rather it be friday and saturday nights when I could be social and say.. have a movie night… Whatever happen to those?)

Well, that\’s my spiel on life. Maybe I should switch to talk about all the massive amounts of water around woodbury. What\’s the point in that though. The strange weather the USA has been facing is something worth nothing, but nothing to be unexpected. I\’m hoping it means massive amounts of snow this winter, it\’s been a long time since we\’ve had that, and I\’m hoping to go mudding/snowing in my front yard.

I miss Richard… Hey, why haven\’t we done anything in awhile… That\’s stupid. I wonder if SRA is this weekend. October 14th.. That\’s not this weekend I don\’t think. Strangely enough… I passed him without racing in the points.. That\’s not very fair now is it: www.smsonline.com

Hmmmm… I should write about something tech savvy. I\’m trying out google ads for those of you who might be interested in doing such a thing. No… I\’m not trying to make money using them. That\’s easy and free to try. I\’m trying buying ads and seeing what it doesnt for traffic generation/cost. Just think, if 1 in 10 people come to your site and buy 100 dollars worth of stuff, and google charges 10 cents a person, then for 1 dollars you can make 99… That\’s marketting. We\’ll see how it works. So far my ad has displayed 10 times and no page clicks so it hasn\’t costed me a dime. That\’s always nice… free advertising on google.

Well this should give the reading public a chance to read. I really should take the video test down. It was afterall… Just a test.

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  • joburianek October 7, 2005, 12:36 pm

    What, no post about Implex and their short 30 minutes of downtime? 🙂