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Football can only be bad for me

Watching football today was again killer. I take it to personally even though there is nothing I could do to change the outcome of the game other than go down to the feild and tell the coach your making a dumb call. Of course, a minute later, I\’d be saying he was brilliant… well… not quite.

Minnesota won their game today. Very cool. I watched most of it. I didn\’t catch the report on how long our QB would be out, but it look like it was just his shoulders so it should be ok… (hopes). For those of you who didn\’t watch the Nebraska game… Let me summerize the gist of the story.

Last year: Nebraska lost to Texas Tech 70-10.

3 Minutes into Game: TT 7, Nebraska 0

End of 1st Quarter (roughly): TT 21, Nebraska 0.

At this point I really have to go to the bathroom.

Come out of bathroom: TT: 21, Nebraska: 14

What happen there?!?! (lots of good plays, not luck)

Halftime: 21-14

Ok, this is where the game gets bad…

3rd Quarter: we fumble the ball on 3rd down and 1 on a bad passing play. This was on our own 20. Defense makes the first stop they\’ve had all day and holds them to 3 points (yay).

Next set of downs… We throw an interception on the same 3rd down passing play (at what point will Nebraska realize that if it\’s 3rd and 1, we should run it?) Again, it was at our own 20, and AGAIN our defense somehow holds them to 3 points.

Score now: 27-14. Nebraska somehow get\’s a touchdown on the next series. 27-21. We then get another touchdown 27-28, we\’ve taken the lead with a 21 point come from behind.

With 2 minutes left, Nebraska get\’s stopped short of the end zone and has to settle for a field goal. Score now: 27-31 Nebraska. Ok, so we have to make one more stop to win the game…

33 seconds left, it\’s like 3rd and 18. TT throws a pass and it\’s batted up in the air by Nebraska. Nebraska intercepts it, and our IDIOT defensive linemen starts running with it. He of course fumbles it and gives it right back to TT. This does 2 things… 1) gives them first down and 2) gives them back the ball when all the idiot had to do was sit down….

Needless to say, they scored and Nebraska lost. I dont want to talk about it anymore.

My room is pretty clean. Most of it is packed away in boxes. We probably aren\’t moving til next february, but really, I might as well get started now. It\’s not like I use half the stuff in my closet. I have a lot of paper to go through, maybe I\’ll start that next week.

Anyone interested in 2 15\" monitors and perhaps some old printers (one lazer, one dot matrix)? Maybe even a 486 if you ask really nicely…?

I can\’t find one of my gameboy games and it\’s driving me mad. It\’s my favorite one, and I don\’t know what I did with it. The last time I saw it was either 1 of 2 times. Either it was on a trip or at an SMS event. I suppose I could call the SMS people, but I swear it didn\’t get left there. I really hope Amber has it in her purse or something. It\’s got to be around here somewhere. It might have gotten lost at Sonshine too….. Erg…

Oh yeah… Why am I looking for a gameboy advanced game when I have a DS? Well Amber made me go to Target last night. We walked around, she got a costum, it was a good time of shopping. I went to look to see what was up in the video game world and there it was… I had forgotten that on October 2nd, the GB micro came out. Now there\’s nothing new about the GB micro. I have a gameboy advance, a gameboy sp, a gameboy ds… and guess what… they all play the game games… In fact, the gameboy advanced and the gameboy sp play more games then the gameboy micro and sp combined… Go figure. But when I saw it, I pause… A gameboy that would fit in the pocket of pants that were not cargo pants. A gameboy that had like the smallest screen ever. A gameboy with faceplates… Really… I don\’t need it.

5 seconds later… Ok Amber, Time to go home, I want to try out the GB micro.

Ok, so some notes on it for those of you who might be interested in getting one.

1) Wait a bit, the price will come down.

2) If you have a GB SP, a DS would probably be a better purchase.

3) If you have a GB Advance, a DS would still probably be a better purchase

4) If you have all of the above and you want to drop money on it, then do so.

5) The screen is really really small, but amazingly very very crisp, bright, and sharp. I venture to say it\’s my favorite screen to date, if it weren\’t for the size.

6) I\’m upset that it doesn\’t play GB or GBC games… What can you do?

7) The thing is small… Really. Ask me to see it if you\’d like, it will be in my pocket I\’m sure.

8) I need my blue gameboy game back so I can play a game.

Ok, that\’s my rant… I hope to take some pictures of it later, but I realize I really dont have a place to put them online anymore. I should get on that.

Amber\’s kinda getting home late from work. She normally get\’s off at 11. I wonder where she is. Hopefully she is ok, I\’m sure she is ok.

If your cool, your part of the coolness battle over at Richard\’s place.

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