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True Backups

JR has had more \"downtime\" in the last month than I would have liked. None of it is really downtime in the sense that we didn\’t know it was going to happen, just minor things cause more problems then they should.

Todays task after all the other update was to get mysql replication working between mario and princess. That\’s all fine and dandy in english, but in reality that\’s hard to do. It appears though that it is in fact running now between both servers, and right now, I\’m about to test that theory with this actual post on my website.

In either case, I have a lot more to write about as well. I\’m just not sure when. I think I\’ll post again later tonight, until then, remember these steps…

The Tarball is on JR and the master point is: 3992525.

That\’s all for now. Thank you.