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What to do next…

I\’ve been getting a lot done despite myself today. Not bad actually at all. Been fixing bugs, wrote what I think is a pretty cool way of handling a mail list, made updates to various sites, and had some great ideas. Not to forget computer club and robotics. All in all, a good day.

I don\’t really talk about my life as much as I used to. Their\’s really no need to, it\’s work, friends, Amber, and sleep (not in that order at all). However, I do like to keep tabs on things that have happened in my life that are worth noting around now. Let\’s see, what can I tell you… Amy is home this weekend for a party of some sorts, she brought her friends, so I best be getting home soon. Amber is working. Thats about it.

Ooooo the song on my computer just became good, I\’ll type at least as long as it is playing.

Actually, the need to post something important is rather low. I want to work on putting information on the web in and organized way, such that, non of it really matters to this site… For example: I would love to start posting my saved gameboy games. I doubt anyone but me would find them useful, but I\’d like to do it non the less.

Mighty Might Wave

Security is on my mind as well. I feel it\’s time to lock a bunch of things down even though they dont need to be. New clients, more email… blah… I really should keep working, not go home… but there\’s always tomorrow and sunday. Rumor has it I\’m going shopping for a bed tomorrow… Anyone have any experience with teh sleep number beds? Are they worth it? Any other recommendations?