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A Nice Good Day

Today has been a great day of relaxing and enjoyment. Church lead the way with a wonderful sermon on murder. It\’s nice that the sermon on murder came up today given the senseless murder that happened here in the twin cities this week.. Just crazy. I don\’t understand, and I don\’t think anyone every really will.

After church we headed up to McDonald\’s for what is sort of an annual play Monopoly at McDonalds kind of thing. When I say play monopoly, I don\’t mean collect the stamps, I mean, play monopoly. I guess the idea was pretty popular after the first year, because we actually grew to two boards, and might have more than one session. I hope to send some pictures to the paper too… McDonald\’s might love me then :). Oh, and just so we have reference… Nikki won.

Amber and I then headed to the Mall of America where we walked around the mall a few times, not really shopping, but having fun non the less. SRA was shortly there after and I had a great time. I got to race in every race, and I actually earned my way into the A main for once… That was nice. The last SRA of the season is 2 weeks away… Wish me luck ;-).

I feel like developing stuff but on 56k and on my laptop, I just can\’t seem to get up the motivation. So many ideas, so little time. There are also a good number of bugs in my room (dumb lady bugs). Either way.

Amy is home for the weekend. She has a new digital camera, as well as two friends with her. Her birthday is coming up fast, which is nice. She\’s getting old. I\’m getting old. Everyone\’s getting old.

I miss lunches with Richard.

I also updated my bookmarks today. Added a few more blogs as well as cleaned up a few links that aren\’t really useful. I really should clean up a few more things on this and a few other websites. Things that have been works in progress for some time now… Nah… I\’d rather go play Gameboy or get some sleep.

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