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Lots of people ask me lots of questions for what I use for lots of things. That\’s about as general as I can get. So basically, what I\’m about to do is list what I use for various taskes, and perhaps this will one day help you out with something or another.


Audacity (MP3 Edit) – audacity.sourceforge.net

CDEX (CD Rip) – cdexos.sourceforge.net

Sound Editor (Various) – www.roxio.com


Final Cut Pro (Mac is a God) – store.apple.com

VideoWave (PC) – www.roxio.com

CD/DVD Creation:

Roxio EZ CD Creator 7 – www.roxio.com

DVD Studio Pro (Mac) – store.apple.com

DVD Decrypter – doom9.net


Adobe Photoshop CS – www.adobe.com

JASC Paintshop Pro – www.jasc.com

GIMP – www.gimp.org

3d Images:

Blender – www.blender3d.org

HTML Editting:

Macromedia Homesite 5 – www.macromedia.com

Macromedia Studio 8 (Not just yet) – www.macromedia.com

Notepad – Windows

File Transfer and SSH:

FileZilla – filezilla.sourceforge.net

SSH Secure Shell – www.ssh.com

WS_FTP (Old Version, Not Available anymore)

Web Page Programming:

OXWAF – www.jrcorps.com

PHP – www.php.net

MYSQL – www.mysql.com

Computer Purchases

Dell – www.dell.com

NewEgg – www.newegg.com

Equus – www.equuscs.com

DNS Management:

MyDNS – mydns.bboy.net

Bind – www.isc.org

Server Management:

Webmin – www.webmin.com


Wells Fargo: www.wellsfargo.com

Authorize.net: www.authorize.net

Business Services:

ASAP To the Rescue: www.asaptotherescue.com

Hopefully some of those are useful for you. Ironically, many of them are also in my bookmarks.

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