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It\’s redesign season for the JR Computer Associates Blogs. Alex finished his towards the end of summer. Richard is talking about doing it again. John is always in the process of giving us a new design, Amber has started to beg, and I personally have been itching for a new design as well.

That said, I think I\’m going to write a few notes down, much like sim did, with what I hope to gain this time around, as well as a few notes that I should remember this time around.

1) Columns: Let\’s go back to two very usable columns of content. It seems that two columns is in fact the way to go, although I must admit I like the comments being visible right away next to the post.

2) Content: I have never tried showing more than one blog post at once. Just about everyone but me does this in some way shape or form. My holdback is my lack of flowing posts. I considered abstracts, but really, there\’s nothing to abstract out of 99.9% of these things. I am not against trying to do this though.

3) Functionality: I would like to find a way to allow users to pick past designs. Oxwaf should allow for this in some way. Perhaps some other works of art for content as well.

4) Content: I would like to bring back every peice of content this site has had. That means: The graph (which I still keep updated), the ISMS (more of an archive of past ISMS stuff), the stories (as well as any other additional works of writing that were done outside of this blog), the photos (time to back these up somewhere other than my hard disks).

5) New Technologies: Rinsefirst has always grown with technology, moving from html, to php, to mysql, to xml, to xsl. I would like to give sIFR a run this time around.

6) Design: I think I want to get away from real life photos, but knowing me… I can\’t. The last 2 designs have incorprated a real image somehow.

7) Focused Posts: I know I\’ve considered doing this before and honestly I\’m not sure I can when in an open forum, but I would like to pick a topic, and run with it. I would like to say that the topic would be \"my life\" but really, that\’s stupid. the other option here is to start brining my websites together: IE, starting tieing my focused websites (SMRC, JR, etc).

8) Shared data: I want to provide ways to people to replicate everything and anything.

9) Money: I\’m looking to provide some sort of service through my blog. I\’m not sure what that is or even what it would look like, maybe it has to do with that shared data thing above… Who knows. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I\’ve also started looking into google ads. Not for the blog, but for sites like the SMRC.

10) Raise the Dead: Sites of the past should come back with this release. SMRC, that means you.

As you go down the list, the goals get more and more high end. Let me know what you think, we\’ll see what we can make happen.

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  • joburianek October 18, 2005, 2:11 pm

    I think that having the date of when the post was added would be nice.

  • ajmicek October 25, 2005, 3:42 pm

    woo sIFR !!

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