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Dealing with People

Let me start off by saying this: what I\’m about to write is a little out of character for me, and therefore, I ask you to take it with a grain of salt. I\’m a firm believer that if you have a problem with something, or someone, you take it up with that person. If the person refuses to fix it, you take it up with people around that person, and if they group refuses to fix it (and you\’re still right) you take it to the public. That is afterall, the right thing to do. However, in this particular case, I\’m going to leave the names out and vent at the parent companies for their poor decisions.

In other words: Today was a day of stupid people doing stupid things making my life more difficult. My mistake was both letting them get away with it, and reacting in a very negative way after the events, when in fact being compassionate is the way to go. In either case, I\’m going to vent about one of them.

We all know that there are people in life that are not as smart as others. We all know (and like to joke about) that they will end up working at McDonald\’s. I\’m ok with that. In reality, we are all suited to work somewhere, and wherever we work, we should do the best job we can at it. So if your a astronaut, football player, computer nerd… You might be smarter or dumber than other people, but at least try to be good at what you do, if you don\’t, your likely to get fired. That said, there should be no one that does a poor job at McDonalds.

Today proved that wrong… There are people in this world that should not be allowed to work at McDonalds, and perhaps, not work at all.

I went in to place an order during one of their more active times of day (dinner time). The lines were starting to get long, but really that doesn\’t bother me. We finally get up to the woman behind the counter (who\’s name I clearly remember but will leave out) and place our order. It\’s a simple order that goes like this:

1 #10 5 peice supersized

1 #2 with the cheeseburgers plain supersized

1 #4? supersized.

Simple enough. We didn\’t say it that fast. We waited and repeated each one. We then waited as she entered what she thought was corrections. I was a little frustrated at the delay here, but I\’m ok with that as long as she gets it right. The next words out of her mouth were that will be 20 dollars….

Brain clicks in.. Assuming all super value meals are less than 5 dollars (which is a pretty good assumption) at most our order should have been 15, but I decided to wait to see the receipt and if it turned out to be wrong, probably let it slide… It\’s not worth the time to get the chargeback and a little extra food never hurt anyone.

So she sets down the receipt and I flip it over to look at it. Sure enough she had managed to screw it up. All the value meals were there, but the cheeseburgers on my value meal were not marked plain. There were 4 additional drinks tacked on to the order, as well as two additional cheeseburgers plain. Oh well, what can you do besides complain, and although I was getting more and more frustrated by the amount of inability this woman seemed to have with taking orders, I am still passive and find my time overly valuable to complain and chargeback my card.

So I watch as they bring the food… 4 fries come out (1 more than we ordered, but all were on the receipt I believe). 4 Cheeseburgers came out, 2 of which were plain, again 2 more than we ordered, but they were on the receipt. The chicken and the other burger came out. And then it stopped. We were getting this to go, and we were stuck waiting for our drinks.

The first woman gives us 2, not even looking at the receipt. I\’m like uh… As she walks away. We continue to stand there… Another woman walks up. Amber kindly informs her we were waiting on our supersized drinks. She gets them, and of course they don\’t have the monopoly peices, so she has to dig them up as well.

Overall, what is supposed to be \"fast food\" probably took us 15 minutes, 8 more dollars than we were supposed to be paying, and provided us with mistakes by at least 2 if not more people.

I know these people are not supposed to be the brightest humans in the world, but my statement above stands.. If your going to do something in life, at least do it right, even if it is just asking if you\’d like frys with that.

That said, if I have anymore monopoly at McDonalds this month, it will be from White Bear Ave. not Woodbury.

I also have another case of stupidity sitting next to me which will have to be dealt with in a kind and gentle matter tomorrow (because it involves a client), and I do not wish to speak negatively about any of my clients (and let it be said that it isn\’t any of my clients persay, more a client of a client.) In either case, people who cost me time because of their mistakes must be treated with compassion… Not hostility. But it doesn\’t mean I have to work with them.

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  • jjdb210 October 19, 2005, 7:07 pm

    and no comments on my spelling/grammmmmer mistakes 🙂

  • tH13 October 20, 2005, 6:51 am

    This is exactly why I don't go to get fast food often, I know what you mean

  • tH13 October 20, 2005, 7:01 am

    This is exactly why I don't go to get fast food often, I know what you mean