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500: A dealers engine

As noted last post, I am going to start focus on whatever it is I am developing at any given moment. I always seem to be coming up with some crazy idea and so this is probably the best place to document progress on those projects, as well as provide you all with some lessons in whatever it is I\’m doing… Why… I don\’t know.

So todays project was to get the first set of rules as well as a framework to start connecting to a server for a game we all know and love called \"500\". John, Nikki, Amber, and I played way to much of this game this weekend and because Nikki can\’t do that every weekend from St. Cloud… It\’s best we find a way to continue over the internet. No one seems to have a good site to do this with though, so that\’s what I\’m starting to work on overall.

So todays, all I wanted to do was get the interface (GUI) done for dealing portion of the game. From there I can start assigning rules as to how to bid, how much cards are worth, and removing weird bids like \"6 no\" vs. \"6 no trump\". If you would like to see how a hand of 500 is dealt (45 cards, 5 ways), or if you just want to see how far I got with the interface before deciding to call it quits for the night, please feel free to visit this URL:


All that said, this weekend has been pretty good. With the start of development on sunfox (yesterdays post). Dan\’s development of the 895 thing which I must admit is pretty cool. Blaine\’s development of a possible IRC chat server… and Jon\’s awesome all around work on everything in life (code wise).

Shout out to all the people that i\’ve seem to have lost touch with in the last few months… I can see why a single adult gets more lonely the older they get (and therefore, goes to more bars) vs. a married adult. I can also see why the motivation for having kids comes in as a married couple becomes more married (and moves away from college). Life slows down in the fun aspects, while speeds up in the work area. Go figure.

Plans for this week: purchase Mario Kart DS on Tuesday night (yes, I know it doesn\’t come out til Wednesday).

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  • jjdb210 November 13, 2005, 6:39 pm

    And just because I like to comment on my own posts with useful stuff, two peices of action script from tonights project that I will probably want sometime down the road:

    1) Randomized Array
    while (myNumbers.length > 0){
    thePosition = Math.round(Math.random()*(myNumbers.length-1)- )
    randomNumbers[i] = myNumbers[thePosition];

    2) How to create an array of objects from symbols, on the fly.
    _root.createEmptyMovieClip("card"- + i, this.getNextHighestDepth());
    cards.push(this["card" + i]);
    var current:MovieClip = cards[i];
    current.attachMovie(randomNumbers[i], randomNumbers[i], this.getNextHighestDepth(),ACard);

  • simland November 13, 2005, 9:10 pm

    Ah flash, now you're entering territory I know. I'd be glad to help, especially with things like 500, of which I am the best EVER. Also you need to mzke it so you can see suit on the left and right. Well I guess not if the bottom will be all that you see. Also I don't believe you should get rid of no-low and no trump bids. But yes 6 no-low is not a valid bid. You can't bid a number of tricks that you won't take. Unless of course it is no-low then you take none.

  • jjdb210 November 14, 2005, 6:58 am

    Actually, what your calling "No-Low" aka Mizaire has some very specific rules… for example, there must be a 7 bid to play normal no-low, it falls inbetween 2 of the 8 bids in bidding. Open No-Low falls under the category of a 10 bid. Interesting Stuff…

    What I was actually referring to was a sort of table talk that most people seem to play.

    "6 no" – I have the joker
    "6 no trump" – I have high cards

    They mean the same thing bidding wise, but people cut off the word to give away information in their hand. I even remember a time when we had something like this setup:

    inkle no – Have the joker
    inkle no trump – Have the joker and high cards
    6 no – I've got nothing
    6 no trump – I have high cards

    In other words: inkle ment you had the joker, 6 ment you didn't. (worked with all suits).

    Very bad table talk if you ask me…

  • Nikki November 14, 2005, 7:19 pm

    Not to be a bitch, Justin (cause you all know I am one anyway)…but it's Misère… not Mizaire. Just for future reference. Or Nullo/Nello… but not this Mizaire shizz.

  • simland November 15, 2005, 7:50 am

    Ahem I pronounce is "Nulla" just most know it as No-Low. It is worth 250. Double Nulla where both players play and have to take no tricks is worth 500.