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500: Stalled Progress

As many of you may have noticed, my progress has virtually stalled out on 500. This isn\’t entirely true, for in fact, some progress has been made, just not enough that I want to report about it just yet.

So what\’s new with it (that you can\’t see)? Well, it now supports 4 different people logging in and getting their hand delt to them, and only them. IE: you can\’t see other player(s) cards or the blind. Isn\’t that nice.

So being that as it is, why has progress stalled. Simple: I\’ve needed my PDA to keep my list of to-do things in order so that I can figure out whats going on. Lately, that means working for a company installing all their computer stuff (which is wrapping up now), but because I was occupied with all of that last week, this week I have to make up for what didn\’t get done last week… You can see where this might back build a little. In either case, the PDA will keep me on track (somehow).

For what it\’s worth, I will be dropping 3000+ on an apple in the next few days. Wish me luck.

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  • yules21 December 7, 2005, 6:13 am

    Justin you should remake my high school's website. Google: St. Louis Park Senior High. Their site sucks. 🙂 So yeah just an idea for you to get more dough. So you finally are getting your apple that you wanted for soo long. WOOHOO. So yeah. Im having lunch with my old teacher maybe i should give her your card.