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Programming Test 1

It has been awhile world.

Christmas has come and gone, and things are in the working all around because of it. The mac has already gotten way more hours of usage than one might have guessed. The Beast has returned to aid the mac. A switch has been ordered to make use of all the computers at once (yay).

DS games have been purchased (Animal Crossing) and played to no limit (more than 30 minutes probably every day since I got it.

Nintendo games have been purchased. I\’m pretty sure we hit 300.

Super Nintendo games have started to arrive. More than double my collection (but not to 100 yet).

My 21st Birthday has come and gone and prove quiet a few things to me that I somewhat doubted. If your wondering if I got \"drunk\" here\’s what I have to say:

I probably was over the legal limit if it came down to driving. I was to the point where I could still walk a straight line, and tell what was going on, but things were not quiet as percise as they probably should be.

I didn\’t have a hangover (at least not enough to make me puke, although I was pretty tired from being up til 4 am). I must admit though, I can see how alcohol can really mess you up.

It also turns out that I\’m a shhhh\’er when I\’m intoxicated. \"shhh\" can often be heard from me. Now that might just be because of the environment we were in and the fact that everyone else were rather loud drinkers. Who knows.

Let me put a disclaimer on this post because most of the people I know that read this are to young to drink. All I have to say: is it pays to wait until at least college, cause really, I can see how it can mess someone up…

Ok, that said, let\’s talk code.

Alex introduced me to a layout late last night that he tought was pretty dang cool. It had more JS and CSS than one could imagine, but overall, a very very cool site. It used JS to create columns based on the content of the website. It would be a very interesting techology to try to use on a blog if it could be done properly.

If you want to see my test example of the code visit Rinsefirst Labs:


Until next time…

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  • Nikki January 3, 2006, 9:06 am

    You think that was loud drinking? You would…ya shusher.

  • ajmicek January 3, 2006, 5:54 pm

    that code is _so awesome_

    i respect your javascript and css skills 🙂