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Nascar: A Better Auction

So the auction for drivers for the 2006 Nascar season is well underway. I\’ve taken the stance this year that no driver that has any sort of money value to him should go for less than he is worth. So far, I feel we are doing a better job than last year, exept for one thing. There is still a major void on some drivers that are pretty dang good. Below is the bidding as it stands (12:01pm)

1 Tony Stewart 52

2 Greg Biffle 56

3 Carl Edwards 34

4 Mark Martin 10

5 Jimmie Johnson 39

6 Ryan Newman 25

7 Matt Kenseth 15

8 Rusty Wallace 0

9 Jeremy Mayfield 1

10 Kurt Busch 25

11 Jeff Gordon 31

12 Jamie McMurray 0

13 Elliott Sadler 1

14 Kevin Harvick 0

15 Dale Jarrett 0

You\’ll notice the top 3 from last year all have significant dollar values on them, but Mark Martin, a guy that pulled over 50 last year, isn\’t pulling his weight this year. Jimmie makes sense, and newman is pretty good. Kenesth is probably worth more namely because he got off to a rough start last season. But then we hit Rusty Wallace and Jeremy Mayfield, two guys that lead my dad to lots of victories last year, and both are coming in at less than 10 dollars. Kurt Busch has a pretty penny on him, considering that he has a new sponser and a new type of car. Jeff is a fan favorite, but some say he\’s on his way out. Jamie McMurray was a pretty big contender last year, as was elliot sadler for John. It\’s just curious how it all adds up. I\’ll keep ya all informed with the final results when they come in.

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  • ajmicek February 11, 2006, 7:22 am

    Go Dale Jarrett!

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