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Programming Lab 3: A layout

So I woke up way to early this morning due to some downtime at MSA. I decided that I should continue my little series of lab tests to see if what I\’m thinking for the next version of Rinse First will actually be feasible. Of course it\’s always feasible, just not very often you see it done, most likely due to it\’s heavy difficulty rating and lots of room for usability error.

So needless to say, here is the test:


As you can see, it has a really lame color layout, but that\’s not what this is a test of. This is a test of whether or not those columns on the side do what they are supposed to. You\’ll notice that if you resize the page, the columns shrink, and vise versa. If you make the columns to small, they give you an error, and if you make them bigger again, they give you back your content.

You can guess where I\’m taking all of this, but I\’m not sure how much longer til I have a design I like, mixed with the usability to make all my dreams come true. It\’s probably time for me to bring Alex in on this project and have him throw some of his age-old wisdom at me.

Back to the lab test… It works (as far to my knowledge) 100% of the time in Firefox. It works 99% of the time in IE 6 on the pc (there\’s a little bug regarding the right div being 1 pixel to far to the right, and then causing a horizontal scrollbar to show up, but it doesn\’t always happen. It worked for me in IE 5.2 on the mac with about 95% functional, again the scrollbars showed up. Safari came in last with about a 90% approval rating, with it adding enough scrollable white space to part the red sea.

We then get to the browsers that I in theory don\’t have to support if I don\’t want to (C-Grade Browsers, by Yahoo Standards, see: developer.yahoo.net)

To test these I simply loaded up netscape 4.8 to see what would happen. Because I\’m not a big fan of partially broken sites (like this one on the mac), It now loads up with no CSS and a javascript message telling you to upgrade. I figure for unmodern browsers, that\’s good enough.

In other news: Valentines day came and went yesterday. All in all a good day, and it would be worth my time to write here that I\’m still madly in love with my Valentine for the last 2+ years (Amber Radabaugh).

In more other news: Ok, I have no other news. Thanks for watching.

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  • Ledo February 16, 2006, 3:50 pm

    Sometimes i wish i was as good at computers as you.
    Did i say sometimes?
    I meant always.

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