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How hard is it to fail Spanish?

Ok… Not the best of starts to a morning. 5 hours of sleep, a test that got delayed just long enough to let half of the memory photographs I took to fade away, and a homework assignment that was half-assed.

Luckily, I can half-ass with the best of them. Really, I can… :-). I should *pass* the test, but hey, No hablo español porque no me gusto español. *thinks that is right*

In other news, I might be going somewhere I shouldn’t tonight. Why shouldn’t I go there? Because I should study spanish so I pass the final. Why can’t I study tommorow? I can. So what does this mean? It means that if given the oppurtunity in my face, I might just go. Like I would do Spanish at home anyway, its not like I am taking a class in it or anything….

English starts in 30 minutes, and I have a phone call to return. I don’t know who left the message, but my stupid free digital phone wont work with all the 802.11b waves and magnetic fields, not to mention the brick walls that surround this building. Sooner or later, I will invent a phone that is built into ones head, allows you to communicated instantly with anyone, anywhere, for free, without knowing the number. I think I will call it telepathy. You know, because its a pathological telephone. Make sense? I feel brilliant.

Ok, so I am not really all that brilliant, and I realize that there is a great test taking flaw in a phone that is in your head, always on, and that no one else can see. But who cares, it would help me pass Spanish.

Rumor has it I am changing my name to Martin. I think I might just play along with this rumor because, well, Marty is such a cool name. I should tell the person I know that actually has that name that he has a cool name. Perhaps he already knows.

So on one last blurb for this post, can you believe the luck some people have. Sim has been victim of bad luck over and over, and nothing ever seems clear. However, we can always twist his luck. Example: Girl breaks back and can’t go to concert. Problem: Can’t Go to Concert. Reason: Can’t get out of bed. Bad Luck: No one to go to concert with. Good Luck: Girl can’t run, Girl can’t get out of bed, Girl is helpless and needs helping. This good luck far outweighs the bad luck. And for those of you who are thinking I am sick and demented. I am sorry, for I am not. You read it that way, I read it as a kind sweet genesture of showing ones affection by making food, giving flowers, and bribing bands to come see said girl.

Well I better go get that phone message before I am late for class

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