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Changes Coming Soon

I\’m beginning the process of not only redesigning, but redefining what this site is. It will continue to be my playground, but for various reasons, I want to take some of my upcoming ideas and build them apart from this site. Both for usability reasons, as well as focus.

For that reason, I have a feeling that rinsefirst will become more like a portal to what I do, than it is now. I feel like it will become the joint effort of my various efforts. I feel like… it will probably stay exactly how it is now, and you probably won\’t even notice :-).

In either case, I have like 3 blogs I want to start, and I think Rinsefirst will become the combination of these three blogs, plus one more. Why? Because really, the three spin offs are directly tied to what I talk about here already. So basically, you won\’t even notice the difference.

New look and feel is coming down the road with more features than it needs as well, but it\’s coming. Dan pointed out a usability thing with my last design hopeful (of having a 100% height and width design) so I\’ve decided to go back to a more basic layout, with more features. If all works well, it should be kind of fun to play with while you read.

Well, I\’m still playing catchup after the monday (and now thursday) snow.

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  • ajmicek March 19, 2006, 6:53 am

    I'm pumped for changes.

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