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Just Keep Working

Ok, so it\’s a good thing I lost my DS (not really, just left it somewhere). Because right now, my workload is constantly growing, not going the other way.

Sunfox is coming along nicely. I hope to release a version update here with it\’s first admin panel. There is actually an entire site running on it right now, with little to no trouble what soever. In fact, I\’m so happy with how it turned out, I\’ve decided that I want to get all the negative things. So please, comment on the code, the design, the layout, anything. The design and layout have nothing to do with sunfox persay, but I want my clients sites to be the best, so if you think you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

The website:


Best get back to work now.

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  • simland April 4, 2006, 12:39 pm

    Great start on the site. Little bland on top, may want to go with graphic links vs. text or add a graphic over/under the nav bar.

    Also now that the past couple of toture days are over I have 1-1.5 days of time that I will spend on Ourvows website. Expect crap at the least by tomorrow sometime. If you could update me on the vid that'd be nice too.

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