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Staying Busy

Wow, have I been busy… And Wow.. when was the last time I posted at 4:41 AM not because I just woke up, but because I\’m about to go to bed… And I\’m still not tired.

Friends were over and we had a GREAT time til like 2:00 AM (at least I did). Playing wave race, super mario kart, and cards (everything from poker to BS). Just a fun time… Watch out the plastic is moving!

Why am I still up? Well, I\’ve been putting a lot of my spare time into seeing what I can get sunfox to do site wise. I launched a new site called www.tetrisds.org or www.blockstats.org It\’s being powered by sunfox, and really, has been put together in the last 4 days. What scares me more than anything, is that in 4 days, I managed to get it up to 100+ unique visitors (which I\’ve never done so quickly). Partially because I\’ve been features on a few Tetris websites, but still…

I just felt this site needed to be updated… Man, I can\’t wait to sunfox it. I have so many other sites to work on though.. JR is staying busy to say the least.

Oh, and in case I don\’t post before then: this sunday is Amber\’s and My 3 year aniversary. Hard to believe I know, but we\’ve been together now that long (and I still love her :-)).

Ok, time to get some zz\’s before the sun gets over the horizon.

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  • Nikki May 20, 2006, 3:39 pm

    Yes sir, it was fun! And happy three years (a little early) from the third wheel! haha. =P

  • Kyle May 25, 2006, 3:37 pm

    Sorry I'm a bit late, but happy three years! Also, congratulations on the new site, sunfox is looking increasingly better!

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