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Resource for the community, or diary

So I let my mind wander a little bit this afternoon the to the concept of what this site really is.

On one hand, it\’s my diary. It\’s where I post some of what I\’m thinking, feeling, doing, or some combination of the 3. It\’s good to have places like this, just so you can look back 5 years later and say \"Hey, I remember that.\" It\’s also good so that you can vent sometimes (something I try not to do to often here).

On the other hand, I wanted it to be a place to give back to the community, both with technical resources, and technical knowledge. If you think about it, I often talk about JS, CSS, and sometimes even PHP. I\’ve developed tools which are more or less gone, things like Rinsemarks, or the ISMS. Heck for some of you, I even gave you blogs.

Many of you have noticed how rinsefirst keeps going backwards. Things get added and removed on a whim. Some of this is me testing, some of it me not knowing where I\’m going with this site.


Take blockstats.org for example. I had one goal with that site. The goal was to be the best Tetris site possible, and to provide easy access to a tool I had put together for TDS. My blog posts there are about that site. My content is all directly related to Tetris. I\’ve started giving back to the community by now offering free tetris blogs, who knows what else will come.

So no direction…

Do I want to be the next alistapart? Do I want to be considered a \"good\" designer? Do I even I want to redesign rinsefirst? What about the personal aspect?

All good quesitons, but I\’ve spent enough time thinking today.

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