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The color theme of my life

I\’ve never noticed until just now how color themed my life has always been. In fact, it\’s so color themed, it\’s kind of scary.

Starting with my bedroom walls, they are dark blue. My carpet matches, and of course I have the giant green accent wall. It\’s pretty normal to have your walls coordinated with your carpet.

It\’s also pretty normal to keep your bed looking the same as your carpet and walls, so of course I have the blue blankets and blue sheets.

Where it starts to get interesting that blue is only 1 color. That leaves me with the like 2 other colors I could use (if this was webdesign) as well as black and white.

So moving my eyes from my bed to my desk, here\’s what I see:

Black TV. Black Cable Box. Black Speakers, Silver/Grey Tabletop, Silver Grey KVM Switch, Silver and Black Monitor, black Amp, silver and black laptop. silver and black mouse. White mouse (yes, I have two mice for my computer.) White Paper. Silver cell phone. Silver caribeanier on my keychain with black keys. And to top it off, a black and silver phone.

But we don\’t have to stop there. My screen is similiar most of the time as well. My desktop is black. My toolbars are silver/grey. Heck, I\’ve been running the windows theme in my life since I was born…

Scary isn\’t it.

What if the reason I\’m so into computers is because it\’s the right color for me? Do you think people are into racing because they like seeing the color of their car? Do you think people are into cutting down trees because they like the color green? Do you think nurses like being nurses cause they like white?

Maybe it\’s just we all like certain colors, and they happy to carry over to everything else…

Still… thought it was interesting… No wonder I have a hard time seeing my website being any other color.