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Speed of Death

Life it seems has become interesting in today’s culture. The last week of my life was what I would consider the ultimate test of one’s patience, perservience, and luck. Starting with Thursday the 17th, a major mishap with an online form. An = got left out of some code, which caused 40+ real transactions to be processed as test transactions, when they needed to be real. Of those 40, 20 were shipped. This of course resulted in my friday being phone calls to the 40 people, to tell them we needed them to resubmit payment. This would also be my saturday morning.

Tack on a phone call Friday morning telling me my grandpa was deathly ill, and that the doctors said he didn’t have a week left to live. Tack on MSA startup stuff not working like it should.

Monday roles around, and litterally begins with 3 phone calls all around 8:00 am that went as follows:
7:50 AM: Justin, my computer is dead, and we need it working in less than an hour for person x.
8:00 AM: Justin, your grandpa died this morning at 2:00 AM.
8:10 AM: Justin, our server is having problems, we think the power might have gone out.

That’s a rough way to start a week, let alone a day. Tack on the rest of the stuff for that week, and the rements from the last week… And you can imagine the stress I’ve been under the last 10 days.

That brings me to now. I’m home again after attending the funeral of my grandfather. People know I have been gone for this reason. All of them have been supportive in someway, but the thing that gets me, is how quickly people jump to get what they want.

I don’t know… Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t just get myself a 1900 number, and an email service that charges people every time they email me. Forget invoicing people. Forget any of that stuff… If you want to talk to me, and try to get me to do something for you, you pay for the communication that it takes to get it done. Interesting concept to say the least.

Ok, enough of a rant. One of these days, this site will be back…

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