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Getting Ready for Comments

I’m beginning to contemplate just what design changes I want to make to this blog as I continue the step by step process of rebuilding it.
One of the key decisions I’ve made this time around is to allow more than one post on the front page. At the moment, I’m considering 5, but I’ll see how big the page gets after a few of these posts.
I want the file size of the whole thing to stay to some sort of minimum.

The multiple post thing adds a new challenge for me though. I’m not sure how I want to do user comments. My Mind has lept to a few ideas:

  • Don’t have them – This seems like the simplest idea, but it get’s away from one of my mission statements.
  • ‘Next Page’ Style – A link at the bottom of every post takes you to the page of comments. This is similiar to how Tumbledry does it at the moment.
  • ‘This Page’ Style – Comments are at the end of every post. If I go this route, my front page could get rather large with 5 posts showing.
  • ‘This Page’ Ajax Style – Some combination of them always being on the page you start on, but only appearing when activated.
  • A method not yet devised that improves usability as well as content.

I’m leaning towards the last one, but until I do, I’m just going to start laying the framework for it. You will start seeing what might be some of the design elements appears in the template over the next few hours.