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A Logo by Any Other Name

The logo of Rinsefirst has become a game for me of sorts. See this is (relatively speaking) the most clean cut version of the site since before it was called rinsefirst (JJ’s Domain was it’s previous name). The logo has to match, and so far, I’m not content… Amber also seems to be constantly in ill-content with the logo as well, so all the more reason to keep changing it.

The question is, as with everything in this redesign, what am I trying to accomplish with my logo. Do I want it to be functional? Do I want it to be brandable? Do I even need a logo? Honestly, it doesn’t exactly go towards one of my new mission statements. I could just let the blog posts be my title and leave it at that.

MSA’s Computer club knows me to be a person that is never happy with anything for very long. In fact, I change the way I run computer club on almost a bi-weekly basis. It keeps me on my toes awhile allowing me some flexability in the way I want to do things. I’m beginning to feel like that just might be my logo… Something I change regularly (and randomly) to match however I think the site should be tied together at a given moment.

This lines up well with what JJ’s domain used to be like as well. In fact, we had about a dozen different headers there as well as time went on.

Ultimately though, I’m sure I will settle on something for a header, until I do… Or until I have a good idea of what I want to settle on, enjoy my randomness.

A word on the comments: no they are not yet working fully either. Like my logo, I’m still waiting to see if I like the look and feel of them. Enjoy their random blinking though. You can guess where that is going.

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