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What can you do without images?

I’ve always wondered if I could build a site that looked decent without images, and I am starting to believe I have. With the latest logo change, and the removal of the page background, this page is now officially imageless. In fact, until I start putting images in my posts, technologies like QuickCapt are useless.

If it’s not fancy images: then what is it about a webpage that makes it look at least ‘decently’ good. Why is it there are some pages you can look at and be like “That’s so 1999” and others, you can tell they are up to date.

I’d liked to believe that it’s all in the layout. More and more sites lately are moving to a grid like layout, where everything fits into little ‘css’ modules. It is almost a replacement for tables, except it’s a tad bit more fluid. It’s this fluidity that I think makes all the difference between 1999 and 2007. Things like AJAX and Flash also seem to be doing their part to bring the web forward.

With Rinsefirst’s design as it stands though, I do feel that no images results in the site lacking something on the whole. I think because of this, I must start doing two things to add life to the site.

  1. I must start including images in my posts. Something relevant.
  2. I should provide at least 1 other form of multimedia experience (and I know just what it’s going to be too)

When I start doing that, I’m sure you’ll all know. Until then, enjoy the imageless design.

Hey, one more design note… I’ve started “pre-blogging”, which is kind of an interesting concept. Most people think that all the blogs they read are written daily by the authors. That simply isn’t the case. In fact, thanks to technology, I wrote this post late on Friday night and set it to go online today (Sunday). This allows for continous content when I don’t really want to be writing. It’s quite simple to implement using a mysql backend and the wonderful NOW() function.

Well, on to my next post ;-).

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