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It’s not personal… Just Business

The more I am in this business, the more I realize how easy it is to be taken advantage of by anyone who knows you outside of the business environment (see: friends).

Now, I have to be careful how I say this, because I do believe that there are some people out there that I both enjoy hosting and enjoy helping.
These people understand that this is how I make my living and often find ways of contributing back to me in some way that is useful (not always money).

There are others though that because you have servers, and because they are your “friends”, they think they deserve the world. No matter how much it costs you.
This can cause strain on friendships, strain on pocketbooks, and strain on servers that were intended for other things.

The question is how to handle it. The simple solution would be to create a list of rules that define when someone gets free hosting and when they don’t. Or at what point it converts from free hosting to the normal hosting accounts.
You have to make it clear what you will and won’t do, and what the punishment is if they start trying to do things they shouldn’t do.

I’ve never been good at that. Someday soon, I will have to learn that: “It’s not personal, it’s just business”

As my life get’s faster and faster, I’m beginning to wonder how I will be able to continue to do anything for free. The amount the free stuff takes away from the paid stuff likes to get out of proportion in my life. It’s good to be giving, and most of you know I would probably give the shirt off my back if I thought it would help you, but with the potential of a wife sometime soon, and then kids… At what point does my giving mean taking from others.

At what point… do I need a new car?

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  • Justin Gehring April 1, 2007, 7:57 am

    Absolutely nothing.

  • Jsutin Gehring April 2, 2007, 10:22 am

    This is the second post in a loop

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