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The Need for Content

I’ve been debating how to keep this site “New and Fresh”. My original goal was to post something every day, and to help me do that, I was pre-posting. It worked great until I got behind. Although a lack of time did play a role in why there were no updated posts, it also was a lack of ideas for posts.

So the question on the floor at the moment, how important is new content? Should I continue to strive for daily? Should I strive for every 8 hours? Should I strive for once a week? I don’t really know if it matters.

I’ve also considered not always making it about content, but perhaps about the projects I’m present working on or recently launched. At the same time though, I don’t want to accidentally find myself ranking for some of their key words, as has happened with some of my smaller clients.

Lastly, I’ve considered making the links independent of the day. Many other sites do this, and it helps to keep certain parts of the content newer every day. At the moment though, I’m not sure what that means for a design decision. It might mean I have to get rid of this “Daily View” thing I have going on right now.

In any case, there are going to be a lot of posts showing up at once, as I catch up on my writing.