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Nintendo, where are you?

I’m constantly watching the status of the Next Generation Console wars. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that Nintendo has finally taken back the market that for the longest time was theirs. With the innovative Wii, they have managed to sell over 6 million units in 6 months. Their currently only 4 million behind Xbox 360, who has not been growing near as fast. (All this according to http://www.nexgenwars.com/).

There is something that bothers me though. They can’t be found on the shelf or in any online store (other than ebay). This normally happens around Christmas, when demand is so high that there is just no possible way to produce them fast enough. Here’s the thing though: it’s 4 months later. There have been over 3 million units shipped since Christmas, and that still hasn’t quenched the publics thirst.

And that thirst isn’t going to slow down in the near future. It’s going to grow. With both Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. coming out in the next few months, Nintendo has to be expecting another surge in buyers. So why in the world are they not ramping up production to meet the need? Is it that they can’t find anyone else to manufacture these suckers? Is it that Nintendo hasn’t collected all of it’s earnings the last few months and therefore doesn’t have the money to risk on new ones?

If Nintendo is truly making money on every system sold (unlike Sony), why would they not risk a few extra million to produce a few more than they need? I would think they could catch Xbox by June if they did… Otherwise, we’re looking at November (at their current pace).

I guess I just don’t understand why places don’t ramp up production to insure anyone that walks into the store gets their product, and if they can’t the day they walk in, they get it a week later. If they don’t, the person walking in will get sick of waiting for it, and buy what’s there.

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