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Content Callouts

So I’ve been reading some of my favorite blogs this afternoon and there were two things I thought were worth sharing from the group.

The first was from Publishing 2.0. The post was here. Apparently they discovered that if you ask Google Maps for directions from New York to London, it gives it to you, asking you to swim the Atlantic ocean. The fact that it asks you to swim is pretty funny, but what’s even funnier is that the calculation for the estimated time is accurate given the speed at which most humans swim. In other words, had this trip been made with a car, it probably could have been done in 2 to 3 days, but because Google said “swim”, it takes 50+ days. You gotta love the easter eggs (fun) Google puts in their software.

The other call all to another interesting article is one about people who maximize their web browser. It was put on by 456 Berea Stree here.
I always thought that everyone maximized their windows… Seems like I wasn’t entirely right :-).

One other interesting read, today in the Nascar race, Kyle Busch left and Dale Jr. took over for him. The quotes and situations of this story, if your at all into NASCAR make it a very funny set of situations. You can read the full story here. Make sure you get to page 2.