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The Downside to Technology

For those of you not watching the news today, I suggest to catch up. The U.S. largest act of senseless violence in a school happened today. 33 Dead, 15 more wounded when I last saw the numbers. I’d go into more detail, but I’ll leave that to official news sources.

There are two things bothering me about the situation. The first is how quickly the press jumps on the idea that the school could have prevented the attacks with quicker warning. Perhaps they could have, but when you think about how MOST shootings happen, it generally affects a small area and then it’s done. It doesn’t continue to spread and grow into mass violence… So why would anyone shut down a school of 28,000 because of what appears to be a domestic dispute? That’s like saying, “There was a shooting in Afton, a town of 20,000. Let’s shut down the city.” It just doesn’t make sense, unless there was any hint that the gunman had more targets.

The second thing that bothers me is the slowness of the information coming into the light. I can understand withholding the names of the dead. I can’t understand withholding the name of the gunman, or worse, why they can’t identify him. So he wasn’t carrying identity… Use that database of photos you have on campus and run a comparison… I’m betting a single person could figure it out in less than an hour just by flipping through the pictures 1 by 1. In any case, you would think that technology would have had that solved.

My biggest question though, is all this a result of the pressures on students from society. Thanks to technology, the world keeps moving faster and faster. It’s showing up across the board. Students are expected to know more than ever before. With all this in mind… At what point does someone need to say, we are hurting ourselves in our quest for money. At what point do we eliminate money?

My heart goes out to those in Virginia affected by this horrible horrible act of violence.