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Image Gallery

I spent a portion today working on the final touches for a video gallery for WLC Youth. It’s nothing overly fancy, just a simple browser and viewer that allows you to get from video to video in a way that isn’t all that convulated. It got me thinking though what would make this process easiest here on RinseFirst.

One idea: If there is a gallery associated with a given day (or post), put a ‘mini’ view of that gallery at the bottom, left side, or middle of that post. Each location has it’s own merits, with the bottom winning out in my mind. The problem is, the bottom is also where the comments fall. I don’t really want to take away from that either. I don’t like the idea of making it the beginning for the same reason, it takes away from the post then.

Another idea: I could put a single image somewhere in the text of the post, that if clicked, jumped to that days gallery. I don’t know if I like that idea either, because it’s not overly apparent that it’s a gallery. In fact, I would expect to be taken to a larger version of that image.

A third idea: I thought very briefly that I could create a parallel blog. Then I realized I didn’t want to have to take pictures every day, and that I wanted the pictures tied to that days content… So that didn’t make any sense at all.

I also don’t know if I want comments on each photo. As much as this might be useful, if I’m purposely grouping the galleries and content, then it won’t really matter will it?

So what am I left with? I’m still not sure. I’ve done what I consider a good job building a text only site, that I completely left out a good way to bring photos back in. It will come though… Give it time 🙂