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The Coming War

I was driving home today, and happened to land on talk radio. They were interviewing some guy, from some agency based out of Tennessee who I guess released some report saying Al Gore’s house uses 20% more energy than the average American home of the same size. Apparently this report got some press a month or two ago, which resulted in 1000’s of hate mail (and death threats) to the organization that released the report. Mostly from environmentalists.

Now, I refuse to believe that I’m an environmentalist. I also refuse to believe I’m the opposite of whatever an environmentalist is. I believe that human “needs” drive the economy, and as resources become more and more scarce, the demand for renewable resources will go up and up (and thereby the cost will go down and down). I also believe that at the same time (if we haven’t already destroyed the earth), the earth will start to repair whatever damage it is we did at about the same time. That said… everything should come out in the wash (or cycle for you Tumble-dryers).

There’s one problem with my calculation above though. It doesn’t factor in how slowly humans as a whole can adapt. The situation I’m referring to is what would happen in the event that we actually ran out of oil tomorrow and had to switch immediately to solar power (ok, so very unlikely). On a global scale, this would become a resources wars of great proportion… Assuming it doesn’t become individual on individual, it would have to be country on country, at which point, we’re probably talking world war 3. If thats the case, well…. it was nice knowing all of you.

My prediction is though, that as long as the situation doesn’t become too desperate to quickly, that it would just throw us into a period like the great depression. Where there just isn’t enough to go around. That said, I’m issuing my recommendation to environmentalists and non-environmentalists alike:

Build/Buy your own personal oil silo and generator while prices are still relatively low. Make sure it’s underground, and heavily armored. Storing a few weeks worth of food might be a good idea, but probably not needed if you have enough oil (because everyone will want to trade you for oil). I figure a 1 million gallon silo should allow for a good 25 to 50 years of daily use for a family of 4 (roughly 20 gallons a day). At todays costs, that should be roughly 2 million dollars once the silo is built and you get some sort of bulk discount. It should also provide at least a little protection from nuclear attack, given that if the enemy knows you have a million gallons laying around, they won’t be inclined to blow it up. However, it might also make you a target for ground assault… Hence the heavy armor… (I recommend blowing it up in the event that they attack, but only blowing up the part they can see)

And hey… If I’m wrong… that’s probably a good thing, but think… Do you really think the price of oil will truly come down any time soon? I mean… Just about everything needs it in some way shape or form…

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